Catholic synod: Vatican family review signals shift on homosexuality

This article presents the views recently published by the Catholic Church earlier this week focusing on the positive changes in ideologies regarding homosexuality and individuals who identify as such, addressing both members of the church as well as those who are not followers. The article is broken into three parts what was said, the context in which it was mentioned and a question whether it is a breakthrough or a betrayal for the Catholic Church and its followers. There is also mention of Pope Francis views and beliefs and their contradiction compared to other clergy men and ex-pope.

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Why this bilingual education ban should have repealed long ago

This article examines the ban on bilingual education in California that took place in the late nineties; examining the history of the millions of Spanish-speaking immigrants and the impact that this ban had on their education. Looking at the population of Latinos in California and other states to demonstrate the percentage of students in these states. The latter part of the article addresses several stereotypes surrounding the abilities of an English learner from a Spanish background.

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Passion and Anxieties

The song I chose to represent my passion in advocacy is Prince Royce’s, Stand By Me. I chose this song because I believe that in advocating or any endeavor that we choose to pursue it is with support and as a collective that we can hope to create a change in the world. I believe that we all need someone to stand by us to lend support in any capacity we might need. I also chose this version of the song as oppose to the original version by Ben E. King, because as a bilingual person I think it is important to not only practice our native language as often as possible but also to use our language skills to our advantage to reach a larger population and create a grander change.

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