Teaching Experience

During the course of the 2016-2017 school year and the continuation of this year I have grown quite a lot professionally, in my work environment, in an academic center that differed enormously from my previous work experience. Being a Conversation Assistant at an Institute of Secondary Education has helped me to understand a little more about education systems in Spain and how it is different from the education system in the United States. With the time I spent in Madrid I learned many things about my professional development. This opportunity has allowed me to interact with students of various levels and with teachers of different subjects, who I would never have worked with, were it not for this program. I have enjoyed my stay in Madrid and I’m looking forward to another year. I still have a lot more to accomplish yet I feel I met several of my goals. My main goal was to be able to present the subjects in several platforms that were based on the seven styles of learning. Something that every week I try to incorporate in all my lessons. Of the various subjects I was an assistant in the English classes were the ones that I did feel I have the most effect in. I felt that in my English classes I was utilized better than I was in other subjects due to the fact that I was able to develop specific topic and lessons centered in subjects I felt confident in.

The materials I presented in my English classes were all so different and open ended that I felt at liberty to demonstrate to the students various aspects of the American educational system and culture. My lessons were all centered around things I found to be most interesting in addition to being beneficial to the development of practicing the English language. Each lesson I made, I tried to cater it to the grade level I had and how I would be able to get them to participate and be involved in the lesson.

Through the various subjects that I had last year and this year, working with English classes was very interesting since for each class, my role changed. Each course level was very different in terms of my role in the classroom and what type of material was used in each class. Working with different classes and having to create different lessons was enjoyable because I wasn’t stuck doing the same thing every day. Having the option to be so flexible and not stuck to a specific routine made the lectures be ever changing and interesting for myself and the students.